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Communications Simplified


ViaVid’s conferencing services simplify conference calls by giving you the tools you need for success. We provide an event co-ordinator that will make your assisted event call a breeze to run.

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With our in-house staff of transcribers, ViaVid is ready to transcribe your conference call or streamed event in a prompt, professional manner with the utmost accuracy.

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ViaVid’s Webcasting platform, ViaStream, harnesses the power of the Internet to extend the reach and effectiveness of your voice communications, especially when speaking to large audiences.

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Contact Us


Contact Us

Why ViaVid


Founded in 1998, ViaVid is a technology developer that provides integrated communications solutions for companies around the world. From earnings conferences for major US public companies, to transcription services for telcos, marketing and research firms, to teleconferences in Europe, Asia and South America, ViaVid provides the technology and customer service


Our booking and event management staff will make the process of booking an event as simple for you as possible. And we are available to communicate with you by phone at 1-888-562-0262 or email


During the process of booking and running your event we ensure that there multiple ways for you to reach out with support questions. During the booking process is your contact email and once an event is live is there to assist.


We take great pride in offering competetive pricing for all our products and services. And we will try to find you the best priced solution to meet your needs.